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Gigi 2 - Deep Rose


Gigi 2 is the enhanced version of Lelos wildly popular G-spot vibrator arguably the most positively reviewed Pleasure object created.... Read more Read more

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      Gigi 2 is the enhanced version of Lelos wildly popular G-spot vibrator arguably the most positively reviewed Pleasure object created. Featuring a signature flattened tip perfect for exploring this erogenous zones its new upgrades include even softer silicone a fully-waterproof design and a 100 percent increase in power. Sacrificing none of its discretion and class the 8 different vibration patterns will lead you on a waltz into ecstasy where the intensities of pleasure become impossible to describe.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews

      Owned Lelo before. This one did not disappoint either.

      Works really well after factory replacement

      This is a revised review after receiving my warranty replacement from Lelo and with more experience with the Gigi. The original item took 12 hours to charge and would be dead in two days. It later developed a problem with the power buttons and became very difficult to turn off. These problems were probably related. The replacement arrived three days after Lelo received my returned item in totally discrete packaging. The replacement charged up in only one hour compared to 12 for the defective one and seems to function perfectly. Aside from getting no response other than a robo email on the warranty claim made to the web site, which was quickly remedied by an email to customer service, I am happy with the customer support.

      We are an older couple and I bought this for the wife for Christmas as a first sex toy and surprised her in bed with the gift. Well she was leery at first but in a few minutes she was having a really, really good time. Definitely gave her an orgasm to be jealous of and she did give it a double thumbs up with comments like "best Christmas present ever". It is a bit small for couples work, the base of the vibrator is small for a man to hold onto properly and if any lubrication gets on the smooth plastic base it becomes hard to hold and control. The vibrations seemed to be intense enough for her and I find we use it mostly on less than the maximum setting. It is just long enough to really reach the far side of her g-spot and the back wall of her vagina. I really enjoy using this on her and she definitely gives it a five star rating also. It is stylish and benign enough in appearance that she feels comfortable traveling with it. All said highly recommended by us.

      Small But Fun

      Small but very very effective. Good selection of modes and speeds, controls easy to use. The problem is keeping it pointed in the right direction when using it on my partner and um, I'm engaged in other very close activities. It hits the right spot for squirting and always hits the right spot for an explosion. Warning: may cause much fun!

      Go To Toy for your Toybox

      This is an incredible vibrator that will give you hours of enjoyment. The controls are easy to adjust when there is lube involved and let's face it there should be lube! This is great for use alone or with a partner. The fact that it is waterproof is an incredible plus. I bought the Gigi for my sister in law who loved it. I bought the improved product when it was available and love it too. It lasts pretty long in between charges but that is dependent on the uses. Chargeable toys are a must as the batteries are expensive. It cleans up easily. Its relatively quiet and not too big or heavy. This is advertized as a G-spot stimulator. I don't think it does that good a job for that but it has other bonus features that you will like.

      One draw back: The vibration cycle selection does not loop through all the different patterns. It goes to the last one and you must go back the other direction to select again. 123454321 instead of 1234512345 if that makes sense.