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Take your hydrotherapy to a whole new level with the worlds most powerful penis pump. Advancing the Hydropump design to... Read more Read more

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      Take your hydrotherapy to a whole new level with the worlds most powerful penis pump. Advancing the Hydropump design to a new level, with a new valve and detachable handball, the Hydroxtreme-Series is the Hydropump for the man who is serious about getting the very best from his pump. The Hydroxtreme- Series comes complete with all the accessories you could ask for. Formerly known as the X20 Xtreme, the Hydroxtreme5 is designed for a user whose penis is 3-5" (7.5-12.5cm) when erect.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      It works fine

      Regular practice, a little time, a little pain sometimes during extension and after I got good result. I advise taking a larger device because the diameter increases consequently during the session and may block your gear against the walls.

      Finally technically mature...

      even the prize will not entice a beginner to buy - and that's good at first - whether you have generally liked the topic can be well on simple models. The first models were disappointing in that they didn't have the in - let it didn't have it yet - which led to the retraction of the foreskin between the rubber slats and ultimately to funny white curling on the tail for hours. But that's all past. Very robust built - user friendly - and thanks to the pump even in water sprinkling in normal premises can be used - because experienced users usually work longer than 15 min. theoretically also in dry mode - only air - applicable, but you do not need to spend the money for this.
      definitely for fans of penis pumping a definite yes - buy!
      Achja - now also better /several sizes available - which eliminates the: “Salami in the hallway effect” - and definitely the right product is available for every tail size (commendably: even the smallest - with a hell of a penis - was thought - not that I'm talking about there now from personal experience...! and a model designed with a cute little cylinder - since the ratio of penis and water in the cylinder is also crucial.
      in addition to the pump and the pelus ball, a lot of schnick are still supplied - among other things a kind of leash - which can support the pump - as a lifting aid, so to speak - which is not really necessary in my opinion - because the vacuum alone is more than sufficient - for stable conditions - a nice case (case) - a small towel - and a flexi tape measure - ideal for length measurement - and - due to the roll-in effect (some sheet with these properties - of course rubber-coated - and cm size - and on the other side inch scaling - as well as with the easily recognizable - Bath Mate logo - on the opposite side - what it is ideal for me - comfortable to wear - quick on and off - stylish wrist strap for brave tail pumps makes users. depending on the situation, you can have interesting conversations... from enlightenment with the neighbor, for example: “Man might think that would be a ruler - but very fancy" - to make it straight afterwards - and casually back to the - mentioning something of the original idea or intent - that inevitably makes any teacher think of a tail measurement... or unmasking - as a friend of a well-known one tried to make fun of - everlasting on tail pumps - (bah, all minttail looser) - and then I just mention - that I had it on my arm after some recent party - like - like - by whom - no idea - and it would only be fancy...
      For drying, a special shaped sponge with an appropriate rod is attached - and this is also necessary - because the water remains in the grooved rubber slats - and can not be completely removed by pouring /vertically on its own. One store over the heater - or simply in the fresh air then provides the necessary complete drying. Accordingly, there is no shusk smush model that one or the other user would prefer - to be able to act quickly hidden from the eyes of third parties - (parents - girlfriend - WG roommate - wife) - where: with the bathmate - you can hear the remark, for example, Fellatio:
      “Well, honey!- was your dick that big before? “probably a little earlier!